Most popular corporate sports and games in the USA

Building a corporate sports team with the members within your company has many advantages. These teams provide the ideal environment to relieve the burdens and stress that surmounts within the workplace. Corporate sports teams build a new level of camaraderie among people that may have worked many years together without ever having the opportunity to get to know the actual person they work working next to. You will find that these team sports activities do much for building moral in the work place and always prove to be a positive attribute to building a more harmonious work environment.

Some of the more popular corporate sports that are enjoyed throughout the United States include golf, football, softball, dodge ball, basketball, and volleyball. These sports activities offer the prime opportunities for releasing the stress that builds in the office place while getting to know the co-workers and supervisors that you see on a regular basis. With the demanding hours that often required within companies throughout the country, having the ability to spend a few hours away from the office can produce the ideal means to obtaining some of the social activities that are often lacking in the lives of people today.


Golf is by far one of the more popular corporate sporting activities in the United States. Not only is this activity ideal for building a stronger working atmosphere, it also has many health benefits as well. Researchers have proven that people who participate in golf are more likely to lead a longer and healthier life. Golf allows you to get a good cardio workout without causing added stress on your body. Creating a corporate golf team with members of your workplace opens up many opportunities. Team members receive discounted fees for their playing time, are invited to many prominent social events, and have the ability to practice on some of the better greens available in their area. Well reputed corporate golf leagues throughout the United States include the Corporate Tenant Golf League, and the Tomahawk Hills Golf League.


When it comes to building teamwork soccer is a sport that you will want to give some ample consideration for. Soccer builds muscle tone, promotes a healthier brain, and helps to combat obesity. For businesses this has meant lower health premium costs, reduced sick time, and a more enjoyable work environment as a whole. Soccer is also one of the more affordable corporate sports activities available. Popular corporate soccer leagues throughout the United States include the Houston Corporate Soccer League, LLC and the New York Corporate Athletic League.


When your business depends on strategy skills, performance, and cohesive relationships among the workers softball is a corporate sporting activity that may be right for you. Softball offers the opportunity to build strong friendships, focus on techniques, build teamwork skills, strengthen hand and eye coordination, and increase strategically thinking. These are all powerful skills that can move your team forward in the business world. Some of the more prominent corporate sporting leagues in the country include the New York Corporate Athletic League, the Corporate Softball League, and the Jersey Softball Association Corporate League.

Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball is a great activity for releasing stress that accumulates in the workplace. This activity allows team players to increase their strategy skills, hand and eye coordination, and promotes fitness. These are all positive attributes for your company. Businesses that decide to implement a corporate dodge ball team within their company enjoy benefits such as reduced health premiums, less time off for work related injuries and illness, and many others. Popular corporate dodge ball leagues throughout the country include the New York Corporate Athletic League, the Layers Co-Ed Dodge Ball League, and the New York Co-Ed Corporate Dodge Ball League.


Basketball is one of the favorite pastimes in America, so it only makes sense that this would be one of the more popular corporate sporting activities, as well. Basketball can be enjoyed by players of all ages, size, and physical capabilities. Basketball has proven to build a wide range of skills and advantages that benefit businesses throughout the country. Companies have found that by forming corporate basketball teams within their business they see an increase in productivity, employee morale, and teamwork as a whole. Some popular Corporate Basketball Leagues within the United States include the New York Corporate Basketball League, the Philadelphia Corporate Basketball League, the National Corporate Sports League, and the DMV Corporate Basketball League.